Juan Verde

Surgeon Scientist, Innovator, and Technology Transfer
cultivating my

Digital Garden

thoughts 💭, ideas 💡, problems 🤔, notes 📚, and/or questions ❓

I am always harvesting 🫘, sowing and 💧 them, and cultivating an environment ☀️ to nurture their growth into seedlings 🌱, budding 🌿, and ultimately evolving into their evergreen 🌲 state.

incubated seeds

These are concepts, ideas, trends, questions, problems, and/or patterns that I find fascinating and potentially worth integrating into writing, new projects, etc.


The ideas that I just started, they're rough, unrefined, and need some time to grow.


Ideas I've revised and worked on somehow. They're starting to grow, but still need refinement, time, and may change.


These are ideas I've invested significant time into. They are more refined, edited, and won't significantly change over time (occasional trimming).