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Juan Verde

Senior Researcher and Preclinical Research Officer at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery

I was born and raised in Argentina where I earned my degree in Medicine and trained in General, Digestive, and Hepato-bilio-pancreatic Surgery. While pursuing my medical degree, I unwrapped a passion for research and teaching, both leading me to spend a significant amount of time in the Gross Anatomy Department and the Surgical Lab. So far, and with over 20 years of experience in research, I have completed five fellowships in the United States, France, and Argentina, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in various surgical domains, including Trauma Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Oncology, and Image-Guided Therapy.
My love for technology and lifelong learning has driven me to explore advanced medical imaging methods, programming, and data science. This passion for research has inspired me to seek new and innovative approaches to improving surgical practices, ultimately benefitting patients and advancing healthcare.
As a Surgeon Scientist and Preclinical Research Officer at the IHU Strasbourg, an institute focused on Image-Guided Surgery and dedicated to translating new techniques and innovative hardware and software solutions into the operating room, I have found a job that I truly love. Working alongside top-notch research engineers from leading universities and innovative companies in the HealthTech field, I am able to make an impact in healthcare and continue to expand my knowledge and expertise.

I'm passionate about – anything that could potentially revolutionize surgery gets me excited!


development and translation of medical devices, equipment, software, and other technologies that are designed to enhance the quality of healthcare services

translational research

applying scientific research discoveries to develop new surgical techniques, medical systems, and procedures to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of surgery


involves developing and implementing new technologies, systems, and processes to enhance patient outcomes, increase efficiency, lower costs, and transform healthcare delivery, ultimately improving access to care for all individuals

surgical data science & AI

use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to collect, process, and analyze surgical data, enabling the development of personalized surgical plans and enhancing surgical decision-making to improve outcomes