the nP’s in healthcare

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The world of healthcare has totally transformed over the last few decades, thanks to breakthrough technological advancements. Now, there are three terms that get thrown around a lot (and much more coming …): Digital Health (DH), HealthTech (HT), and MedTech (MT). On the surface, they might all seem like the same thing, but after diving deep into them, I learned that

Introducing diSplay U/S: an Innovative Web-based Lung Ultrasound Simulator

diSplay U/S by InSimo During the global COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals demanded for reliable and accessible tools to help diagnose and monitor the disease. In response, InSimo’s team, supported by a team of medical experts, developed diSplay U/S, a web-based ultrasound simulator customized for lung ultrasound training. Initially, the project aimed to create an effective

La conquista de México Tenochtitlan

de Sofía Guadarrama Collado  4.5/5 Como estoy casado con una mexicana y hemos compartido ya una década, he decidido incluir en mi lista de lecturas de este año, un libro que me permita conocer más profundamente la historia de México, en particular, las épocas anteriores a la conquista española de las Américas. Después de

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