Introducing diSplay U/S: an Innovative Web-based Lung Ultrasound Simulator

diSplay U/S by InSimo

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals demanded for reliable and accessible tools to help diagnose and monitor the disease. In response, InSimo’s team, supported by a team of medical experts, developed diSplay U/S, a web-based ultrasound simulator customized for lung ultrasound training.

Initially, the project aimed to create an effective and practical tool that could be used by medical professionals worldwide, providing a versatile and accessible solution for global ultrasound learning. Now, with the diSplay Learning platform, healthcare professionals and students can train for the fundamentals of lung ultrasound and the diagnosis protocol for COVID-19.

The simulator has been thoughtfully designed, keeping the user in mind, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide, using any computer. Looking ahead, the team is working to expand the scope of the simulator to offer a more comprehensive training portfolio. The next step in their journey is to incorporate the emergency protocol FAST into the diSplay U/S, ensuring that different professionals have access to the latest and most comprehensive training tools available.

The diSplay U/S is an innovative tool that will revolutionize the way medical professionals and students learn and train in ultrasound. Join the diSplay Learning community today and experience the endless possibilities of ultrasound training.

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