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No Joke: My Professional Accomplishments for Serious Readers 🤓

Buenos Aires, Argentina

School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Medical Degree | GPA 3.67 (9.19/10)


Received a special mention for Outstanding Scientific and Academic Performance from the University Dean

Recipient of the Biannual Award from the School of Medicine for my research in Gross and Functional Anatomy

Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Surgery

UBA University Hospital

Residency Program | GPA 3.77 (9.44/10)


Completed surgical rotations in Vascular, Oncologic, Thoracic, and Digestive sub-specialties

Delved deeper on Advanced Medical Imaging and Image-Guided Therapies

Miami, Unites States
Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Ryder Trauma Center @ Jackson Memorial Hospital (University of Miami)

Research Fellowship Program


I have authored or co-authored 2 journal articles and 5 book chapters, focusing on penetrating wounds and vascular injuries of the neck, thorax, abdomen, and extremities

As part of the program, I worked two calls per week, rotating between pre-hospital scenarios, emergency department, and the operating room

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Digestive Surgery

Division of Digestive Surgery @ UBA University Hospital

Clinical Fellowship Program


Gained extensive experience in the evaluation, day-to-day management and treatment of a wide range of complex benign and malignant disorders of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tract while engaging in clinical and translational research

Performed technically demanding surgical procedures, including liver resection, complex biliary reconstruction, pancreas resection, minimally invasive surgery, and liver tumor ablations

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chief Resident

Department of Surgery @ UBA University Hospital

Chief Resident


I led and supervised a team of 20 residents in their clinical and research duties, as well as overseeing various administrative functions assigned by the program director and senior doctors from different divisions of the Department.

Paris, France
Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Surgery

Division of HBP Surgery and Liver Transplantation @ Beaujon Hospital

Internship Program ('stage pratique')


Assisted in over 100 complex surgeries of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree, and contributed to multiple research protocols

Acquired experience in performing and assisting in donor hepatectomy and graft preparation, further enhancing my experience in the field of liver transplantation


Paris, France
Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Surgical Oncology

Division of HBP Surgery and Liver Transplantation @ Paul Brousse Hospital 

European University Diploma ('Diplôme Universitaire Européen')


Theoretical and multidisciplinary training focused on HPB oncologic diseases, featuring sessions on liver, biliary tree, and pancreatic cancers, surgical procedures, metastases, ablation techniques, chemotherapy, and strategies to enhance long-term survival rates.

New York, United States
Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Joel Halpern Trauma Center @ Westchester Medical Center (New York Medical College) 

Research Fellowship Program


I have authored or co-authored 2 journal articles, 4 conference abstracts/presentations and 9 book chapters, focusing on thoracoabdominal trauma and major vascular injuries

Investigated the role of medical images in trauma surgery, with a focus on improving outcomes through decision-making, and explored the utilization of image post-processing methods (i.e., segmentation) for calculating contused lung parenchyma and rib fractures

Philadelphia, United States
USMLE & ECFMG Certification

United States Medical Licensing Examination & Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates


Successfully passed the USMLE exams (i.e., steps) and obtained both my ECFMG certificate and a limited practice license to practice medicine in the state of New York

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Programming & Software Development

Web Full Stack and Data Science Intensive Courses @ Digital House Coding School

Programming Student


After taking the Full Stack course, I gained web development skills in both Front End (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for visual and interactive aspects, and Back End (Python, PHP) for database connection and functionality creation

With DS course, I learned Python and its libraries for data manipulation, and trained on data analysis, visualization, and inferential statistics. I got in touch with machine learning methodology, including regression and classification, as well as more advanced techniques like decision trees, ensemble models, including time series. The final project was on model deployment and API integration.


Strasbourg, France
Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery

IHU Strasbourg & ircad

Joint Research Fellowship Program


Through this program, I have acquired an in-depth understanding of advanced medical imaging and image-guided therapies, particularly in the field of HBP, leading to a shift in my perspective from diagnostics to a procedural approach.

Furthermore, it has allowed me to develop expertise in healthcare innovation, medical device and software development.

Based on this knowledge, I have focused my research interests on enhancing needle-based image-guided ablation therapies for the liver and pancreas through the integration of novel software solutions and innovative medical devices.

* concurrent activity

Behind the Scenes: A Sneak Peek into My Professional Journey for 😜

Medical Degree

Graduated @ University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina

Obtaining my Medical Degree from the University of Buenos Aires was a dream come true. Ever since I was a child, I was truly convinced that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Moving away from my family and hometown (Bahia Blanca), and alone to Buenos Aires (700 km away!) was both exciting and daunting, but the opportunity to study at such a prestigious institution made it all worthwhile. Throughout my studies, I fell in love with gross anatomy and most surgical disciplines. I am proud to say that I finished my degree with a GPA of 9.19 out of 10, which reflects the dedication and hard work that I put into my studies. Outside the classroom, I spent a significant amount of time on teaching and research, particularly in the area of gross anatomy. Overall, my experience at the University of Buenos Aires was incredibly rewarding, and it solidified my passion for medicine.

General Surgery

Residency Program @ Buenos Aires University Hospital, Argentina

Let me take you on a wild ride through my General Surgery residency at the Buenos Aires University Hospital. Ever since my first year of medical school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in a surgical discipline. Gross anatomy class sparked and reinforced that decision, and my brain was blown away by the incredible complexity and beauty of the human body during my gross anatomy studies, teaching, and research. So, naturally, I decided to go "all in' and tackle one of the most demanding residency programs out there. Because who needs sleep and free time, am I right? 😜 Despite the insane workload and more than a few sleepless nights, my time at the Buenos Aires University Hospital was truly epic. I got to work on everything from Digestive to Oncologic, Vascular to Thoracic surgeries, and loved every minute of it. Plus, the hospital has some serious street cred in the surgical world - it was the site of the first recorded surgery (video running in the background) and one of the first residency programs in Argentina! So not only did I get to develop my surgical skills, but I also got to be a part of history. And let's not forget my year as Chief Resident - basically, I was the boss of the residents. It was like being in charge of a bunch of sleep-deprived, caffeine-fueled surgeons-in-training, which was a whole new level of crazy, but so worth it. But seriously, being Chief Resident was an incredible opportunity to develop my leadership skills while getting even more practical experience. By the end of my residency, I had performed over 500 surgeries as a surgeon, and assisted with a bunch more. It was a wild ride, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Research Fellowhip @ Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami - EEUU

During my General Surgery residency, I was lucky enough to match a rotation at the Ryder Trauma Center, at the Jackson Memorial Hospital (University of Miami), for Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care. This experience was like a marathon for my physiology, anatomy, and surgical knowledge, and gave me a crash course on team-based performance in the most critical and pushing situations. The Ryder is a top-tier facility that has earned five stars for overall quality of care in trauma resuscitation and emergency department services, putting it in the top ten percent of national healthcare facilities during its last 25 years as Level I Trauma Center. As one of the busiest Level One trauma centers in EEUU, it was always buzzing with multiple life-threatening code activations per day. I did two calls per week, which was like being on a rollercoaster ride in the dark, but it was a thrill! The training was a blend of intense and fulfilling, and I had the honor of working with some of the most skilled and experienced trauma surgeons and teams in the field. During my time in Trauma Surgery and Surgical Critical Care, I also spent a lot of time in research in the field of medical imaging and thoracoabdominal blunt and penetrating trauma, which allowed me to see the real value of images at the point of care and the significance of decision-making. I am happy to see that my past training in this field has greatly influenced my present work and passion, as I am constantly striving to push the limits of procedural point-of-care medical imaging and enhanced decision-making.

Digestive & Hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery

Clinical Fellowship @ Buenos Aires University Hospital, Argenitina

Digestive, and more specifically hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery is a fascinating field of medicine that caught my attention early on, finally deciding to pursue further training. The complexity of the liver and pancreas always intrigued me, and I was determined to make a difference in patient care by delving deeper into this discipline, as I was drawn to this field because I saw it as an area with a lot of room for impact in patient care. Hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery is a discipline that requires a perfect balance of complexity, knowledge, skills, and adrenaline. It's not for the faint of heart, but for those of us who enjoy a good challenge, it's a dream come true. As with any field of medicine, medical images play a huge role in hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery. From diagnosis to treatment, they help us make critical decisions and achieve better outcomes. What's even more exciting is that we're at a turning point in the field, with a shift towards minimal invasion. It's an exciting time to be a part of hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery, and I can't wait to see where it takes us next.

Hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery & Liver transplantation

Stage Pratique @ Beaujon Hospital, Paris - France

After discovering my passion for HBP surgery in Argentina, I knew I needed to invest more in the field. I matched a position in Paris, and left my country to continue my training in the cradle of liver surgery. I was fortunate enough to train at Beaujon Hospital, which is considered one of the leading healthcare facilities in France and worldwide for pancreatic surgery, liver surgery, and transplantation. During my time in France, I not only had the opportunity to train with some of the most renowned healthcare professionals in the world, but also had the chance to explore Paris and other cities while traveling for scheduled liver ablations once or twice a week. These experiences were both challenging and fulfilling, and I will always be grateful to France for the knowledge and skills I gained.

Hepato-bilio-pancreatic cancers & oncosurgical strategies

University Diploma @ Paul Brousse Hospital, Paris - France

After already receiving extensive HBP surgical training, I decided to take on the challenge of pursuing a university diploma in oncologic HBP diseases and oncosurgical strategies. I know what you're thinking, "Does this guy ever take a break?" But I couldn't resist the opportunity to learn from the best in the field, which is why I chose the esteemed Paul Brousse hospital in France. This hospital is a leader in the field, with an impressive track record of performing more than 130 transplantations (first liver transplantation in the country) and 200 liver resections annually for the last 15 years. The faculty at the hospital was exceptional, the curriculum was intense, and the buttery croissants at the hospital café were undoubtedly the highlight! Despite the caffeine overload, I now possess an extensive understanding of liver and pancreatic tumors, as maybe more importantly, the limitations of their treatments.

Trauma & Acute Surgery & Surgical Critical Care

Research Fellowship @ Westcherster Medical Hospital, New York - EEUU

During my pursuit of knowledge and passion for learning, I was determined to take on a second shift on trauma to deepen my knowledge and explore the role of point-of-care imaging in trauma care. After thorough research, I chose to take up a research fellowship at the Westchester Medical Hospital in New York. To my surprise, it was a perfect fit for me to achieve my goals. I was fortunate to work with their state-of-the-art technology as they installed a 256-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner in 2009, which was the first of its kind in the entire Hudson Valley. My fellowship was an incredible experience at Westchester Medical Hospital, which served as a regional center and trauma hub, providing a perfect platform for me to further my research in the field. My journey in New York was an unforgettable experience, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity!

Image-Guided Surgery

Research Fellowship @ IHU Strasbourg & ircad, Strasbourg - France

As the saying goes, "standing on the shoulders of giants," and in this case, I will quote some great minds to explain my journey here. Sir Ken Robinson once said, "never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play." For me, that work is image-guided surgery. It allowed me to bridge my natural talents, interests, and personal passion, and I found my element. This discovery transformed everything downstream and changed my life in an unpredictable and exciting way. Through image-guided surgery and therapy, I found the perfect balance between research, technology, and patient impact. This balance was a mind-blower to me and helped me to pursue my passion and achieve my goals. As Steve Jobs once said, "you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future," and this is what I did. I trusted the process and followed my passion, and here I am, grateful for the journey and living in the meca of minimally invasive image-guided surgery.